Tips For Managing Garbage At A Commercial Business

Tips For Managing Garbage At A Commercial Business

10 February 2023
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Every business creates some amount of trash. Some surely produce more trash than others, but even if your business only makes a small amount of trash, you will need to come up with good ways to manage it and keep it collected. Here are some tips to help you out in that regard.

Hire a private waste management company. 

In some areas, the municipal garbage company won't pick up from businesses at all. In other areas, they do pick up from businesses, but they have restrictions. For example, they may only accept one can of trash per week. This can be quite restrictive and may leave you with extra trash some weeks. That's not a good thing when you have customers coming to your business; you don't want them to see extra trash sitting around.

Private garbage management companies will typically pick up as much trash as you have. They may charge you more if you have a large amount to haul away, but they'll do it. You'll have peace of mind knowing that all of your trash will be picked up, every time.

Arrange for pickup multiple times per week.

You're probably used to having trash picked up once a week at home. But at your business, once-a-week trash pickup is probably not enough to keep things under control. Most private companies will happily pick up two or three times per week. Sign up for this if possible.

Have a plan for sorting your trash.

Most private waste removal companies, when they pick up from businesses, prefer the trash to be sorted. You may be asked to put paper, metal, and food waste in different containers, for instance. Make sure all of your staff are aware of this need for sorting and make a plan for getting the sorting done. Maybe all of your employees sort the trash as they throw it away. Or, maybe you assign a certain employee to spend an hour at the end of every day sorting the trash. Find an approach that works for your team, and make sure the results align with the waste removal company's expectations.

Managing garbage at a commercial business can take some getting used to. But with the strategies above, you can accomplish this without too much hassle. For more tips and advice, talk to a waste management company in your area. They can tell you what has worked well for their other customers.

Contact a local garbage management service to learn more.